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Letter from our Recruitment Team

Dear sisters,
Hello I’m Samantha and as Vice President of Recruitment I know it is never too soon to be looking for fellow alum of the Zeta Sigma chapter to donate towards Fall recruitment! This year the theme is “Alpha Gamma Delta”. The possibilities are endless with this theme and I know it will help us pledge some great new members that will help our chapter grow and prosper!
To prepare, I am reaching out for donations that will go towards the food and other decorations which for the first day will help show off what Alpha Gamma Delta is about! Other things that I would like to purchase are large lawn letters for bid day as well as offset costs that come with food for the potential new members and the active members throughout the weekend who work so hard to put recruitment together!

Any donations towards recruitment would be greatly appreciated by the rest of the chapter and myself & if you would like to donate or learn more, please feel free to contact me or any current active member of Zeta Sigma!


Samantha Paul and Zeta Sigma Sisters